Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Children of Hurin: Book Review

"A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it."

Many of us have read ( or seen ) the Lord of the Rings. Most of us would agree that J.R.R. Tolkien was a genius. But it’s The Children of Hurin that will separate the true fans from those who have just put up LOTR among their list of favourite books and movies on Orkut. The Children of Hurin throws more light on the genius that was J.R.R. Tolkien.

The book is as different as it could be from The Hobbit and LOTR. First and foremost its set in the day of the Eldar or the First Age while the former are set in the Third Age. First Age was the period in Middle Earth when the original Dark Lord, Morgoth was the 'Great Enemy'.

The book had been written by J.R.R. Tolkien before LOTR or The Hobbit. It was conceived during that days of the First World War, and that’s perhaps the reason that the book is so grim and humourless. It has been edited by his youngest son Christopher Tolkien who had earlier presented us with arguably the best book on Middle Earth, 'The Silmarilion'.

The story starts on an optimistic note as Men and Elves assemble a huge army to overthrow the Dark Lord. However the optimism and hope soon end and the book follows the course of Hurin's son, Turin's joyless life. Hurin bravely tries defy the Dark Lord and is taken prisoner, a curse laid upon his children. Turin finds the curse laid upon him and tries everything from denying his identity to hiding in distant lands to evade it. But the curse somehow manages to catch up with him at every turn.

Despite all odds Turin refuses to be bogged down, to bow down to his doom, instead he assumes the name Tarumbar meaning 'the master of his doom' and his determination to fight on is evident. In what could be the last book on Middle Earth, Tolkien has painted a sombre picture and the book is not everyone's cup of tea.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Ahha its Diwali! And is the trend Diwali tends to see some of the most anticipated releases in Bollywood. While it was Veer-Zara a couple of years back, this time it were OSO and Saawariya that were doing the rounds.

Well orders from high command (read my mom) had made it absolutely clear that i was going with the family for at leats one flick this diwali. Which one was left up to me. And well, i chose OSO simply coz of one reason: Deepika Padukone! Any ways will deliberate upon this angle a little later, first let me put forth some of my observations and opinions regarding the movie:

  • As with most of the bollywood movies, you would do well if you don't think a lot during the movie. In fact it would be great if you could switch your mind off before watching it!
  • SRK has no doubt worked hard in the gym but his much anticipated six pack fails to impress. He would have been better off keeping his shirt on.
  • If you have not been in touch with bollywood and have forgotten who are the movers and shakers, go and watch OSO right now! From Subhas Ghai to Farah Khan to Amitabh Bachchan to Priyanka Chopra, every one is in there. Farah must have called in favours by truckloads!
  • Though around 40 stars have been showcased in the movie, there's a glaring omission: the sensuous Sush. After her breath taking performance in Main Hoon Na, i was waiting for Sush to appear again in a Farah flick, just to see as to how would Sush be portrayed this time. Alas, it was Shilpa Shetty in the red saari this time.
  • Although the movie wasn't meant to provide any food for thought, it inadvertently did so. Though you would have to read between the lines for this. The showcasing of the irresponsible attitude of big stars, the pampering and unnecessary attention that all star kids tend to get is a case in point. I was particularly touched by SRK's observation to his dad "Agar main Om Kapoor na hoke sirf Om hota to..."
  • 70s have always been a sort of enigma with our generation. We often end having conversations with our parents "hamare zamane mein..." . For the first time we got to see that zamana form a different angle. Those long side burns, bell bottoms et all.
  • A couple of tracks are simply great. A taste of the enigmatic 70s once again. Its refreshing.
Hmmm... Now i return to my favourite aspect of the movie; Deepika Padukone! Boy is she hot ? You bet she is! And not only hot, she is sizzling hot! Blessed with grace and poise, this beauty has an ethereal feel to her. Barring Sush, I haven't seen such grace in any of the present day actresses. Hope she betters the achievements of the other Liril gal in bollyowwd, namely Preity Zinta.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dil, Dosti etc.

Disclaimer: This is not a movie review rather my views on certain issues raised by the movie. The ideas expressed may not go down well with everyone. Please use your discretion.

Just watched the movie Dil, Dosti etc, a couple of hours back. There's not a lot that would strike you in the beginning. It sounds just as another movie that portrays the changing lifestyle of our youth. However if you think about it a bit, just a bit, what comes up starts to bother you (well it at least bothered me!).

I would but pick a few instances form the movie to act as pointers along the way.

Take 1: Prerna asks her dad his opinion of Sanjay: "...middle class values in place..."

Take 2: Snajay "What about my values, my struggle..."

The question that we, and the Indian society as a whole faces today has been brilliantly put forth in the movie. Unlike RDB, where the message was obvious, Prakash Jha has put the art of subtlety to great use.

The issue of westernization its negative impact on the Indian issue has been debated a lot. However we need to understand that its not westernization that is the problem rather the problem is the blind copying of all western practices. Are we ready to live in a society with high infidelity? Are we ready to accept extra-marital relations as a norm rather than exception?

How many of us so called westernized generation next are comfortable with their spouse sleeping with their friends or worse still siblings? What Prerna and Apoorv did may have happened because of the circumstances, but wasn't their one act of betrayal enough to end Sanjay's life? How many of us would be willing to pardon our spouse if we found that he/she was sleeping around with their best friend?

There is no reversing of the process of westernization. It has taken grip of today's youth and wouldn't be stopped. What we need to realize is that all that we are trying to accept is not good. There are a lot of good things inherent in our culture and present social structure and these traditions need to be preserved. If not then we would be heading towards the same society with skewed relationships, high divorce rates among couples and increasing insecurity among the children. What Prerna's father scoffed at wasn't the middle class values but the Indian traditions, values that have been preserved over centuries which no doubt has it flaws but is certainly better than the social environment we are trying to adopt.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Days Ahead...

Its been almost 3 months into the semester. And naturally, after such a long stint away from home, you start feeling nostalgic once in a while. Well thank God! The Diwali break is just round the corner, where I would get a chance to get back to the one place which i like the most, my home!

And well what an itinerary I have before that! A weekend of music at MICA, followed by a possible one day trip to Abu! It doesn't get better than that. I guess its the perfect way to recharge all my batteries ( and spare ones too) coz the coming days are going to be challenging to say the least.

End sems would be looming large when I return form the vacations and would have to hit the ground running. And then when for most the work would be over, and it would be time to enjoy the winter sunshine, we, the Synapse team members would tighten our belts and get into the nitty gritty of things.

Hmmm... Interesting things are up ahead to say the least! Anyways will handle them as and when they come. For now it is time to let down my hair (which unfortunately are no longer as long as they used to be :S) and unwind!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Once upon a time there was a boy. A fun loving light hearted guy who used to enjoy life to the fullest. And then, he took VLSI [:P][:D]

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The insems got over today. In what has almost become a ritual, I went for an haircut. While I was waiting for my turn, I thought of something and decided that it would make for good blogging material.

Alas! By the time I had returned back to college, my brain's scheduling algorithm had already scheduled other priority items (yeah guys I had my CNS paper today :S ). And then as i log into orkut, what do i see? Things are not going well for the eternal blogger, Sid too! Frustrated by the low turnout and cliched title of his blog, he has decided to rename it!

Anyways this post wasn't meant to discuss all this stuff. I just wanted to let everybody know that i still like to blog. its just that a combination of factors make it quite difficult, not least of them is the ever decreasing speed of the internet.

Well for anybody who has happened to read this crap, don't worry am coming out with crappier stuff soon!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Need a Reason to Blog?

If you fall among those who still are looking for a reason to enter into the world of blogging, here's one which am sure would motivate you and get you started in the world of blogs.

If recent HR trends are to be believed HR managers and recruiters are increasingly looking at a prospective employee's blog before hiring. One of the main reasons for the same is to get an insight into the personality of the candidate.

Many have believed that one can't judge a person well enough in an interview and so nowadays recruiters are trying to build an image of their prospective candidated via their blogs.

Pretty innovative, isn't it? :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Random thoughts

Hola people!!! Well this one is a special one... for one i am posting when the sun still's out there, or rather not there.... well the weather is what one would call the quintessential monsson weather... its been more than 2 hours since its been raining and the Rain God hasn't eased on the pedal in the entire duration...

All my wing mates... members of our thalua gang have gone for labs... labs... how can one think of them in such a weather man... thats totally against the spirit of...spirit of... spirit of everything dammit :D.....

Well nothing much happening except the open structure of our hostel taking a nice bath... the common area at the junction of the wings in first floor is already flooded... and well i am looking at the prospect of having to remove water from my room if this doesnt stop soon... but then there's another part of me... who just wants the rain to go on and on... i guess spending your entire life in Rajasthan can do that to you....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Apna Budhau Kaka

its quite late... 2:52 am to be exact. I have got a lecture in the morning... yeah a lecture on a damn saturday..... and i as usual have just returned form an interesting session of bak... yup... bak, bakar... the quintessential time pass of all teenagers.

Chalo now lets come to the point... our very own... Budhau kaka... which as is the norm, was the subject of our bak :D

As we discussed Sid, and hiz laziness in great and amusing detail, i thought why not share some of it over here. And so here i am writing this post... which am sure would again not qualify as a blog post in Balu's eyes ;)

Ever since he has returned from his internship he seems to have aged more. Aj to had hi ho gayi... Sid actually sent Saru and me to get him a pack of biscuits from Daddu's... and why? coz dear Sid kaka was too tired to put on a t-shirt over his vest :P I guess this comment pretty much sums it all "Nowadays Sid is too tired even to talk."

So people come lets celebrate LaZiNesS...

Friday, August 17, 2007


Well thats wat i hear everywhere i go, whoever i meet or interact with... so here goes the answer:

  • It's raining! (as if there's anything new to it :S)
  • I have started attending lectures.
  • I have quit AIESEC.
  • I am the Convenor for Synapse 2008.
  • I have a few silver strands decorating the black mess on top of my head (already!)
  • I have lost interst in Orkut.
  • Sid aka kaka aka Budhau is orkutting even more vigorously than ever beofre.
  • Sid ki naukri lag gayi! (Matt ke yahan :P)
Baki kuch yaad aya to will post again... till then... waaaassssssssssuuuuppppp?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Is this me???

Up at 8 in the morning and wats happening to me :O

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hmmm.... A post after a long long time! Feels really good to be posting something after such a gap. And what a post this is going to be! Man have been driving a car for more than 5 years now... and what happened yesterday has never happened to me...never! It was the creepiest thing that i have ever experienced. And what with recently seen Lindsay Lohan in action in Herbie, the memories came flooding back to me.

Ohk let me start from the beginning. The month of july brings with it a surge of marriages and assorted ceremonies in north India. The occasion was my neighbour's engagement and I had gone to attend the ceremony with my bua (read forced to go). The venue wasnt far from my place, just a couple of klicks. while going there nothing happened. It was an ordinary car ride.

The fun began on the retrun leg. For the past few weeks there's been some problem wid ma car. it wont start unless given a choke. As i started the car, i felt something was different. The engine was groaning rather than purring. I thought maybe i had accidently pressed the gas pedal too far, so i reduced the pressure a bit but nothing happened. Puzzled I removed my foot entirely form the accelerator, but still the sound didn't stop. I decided to mull over it later and put the car in gear. And Hey Presto! As i released the clutch, the car started moving, even though i hadn't stepped on to the gas. I thought it was coz of some slope in the road. but when the speedometer conintued to inch upwards on a straight road, with my foot firmly staying away from the gas, I was amused. I thought maybe the pineapple juice that i had consumed rather lavishly was taking its toll on me :P! But in front of my own eyes the speedometer kept moving upwards... from 30 to 40 to 45. At one point it even touched 60! The entire journey i drove only using the break; acceleration was taken care of automatically!

Had I been alone i would have thought I had hallucinated the enitre thing, but my bua was there to confirm the incident. Maybe my car finally got tired of me and decided to pull a Herbie on me! Who knows...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


She was like a whiff of fresh air...
She was like the freshness of spring...
She was like the innocence of summer...
She was like the warmth of winter sunshine...
She was the person sittin in front of me...
She was a throwback to the eras bygone...
She... who was she???

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In 60 seconds....

You are going to die in 60 seconds... what would you do people?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Time to cherish those moments...

Monday, April 23, 2007


As the clock ticks away, indicatin the passage of time, the approaching dawn, i try and recollect what all happeed to me today... not much in the sens that after giving ma STS presenttaion, i came back nd tokd over an hour on phone and then slept like a log... wait a second... lets rewind to the STS presenmtation... till last night i wasnt sure if i would be able to do it... till early morning i had decided i would be firmly standing behind the podium and read... but.... as i climbed up dat dais... something happened... somethin fundamental changed in me... and it was lik... damn everything... this place belongs to me... i am gonna move around and not be rooted behind the podium.. i'll speak wateva comes to my mind and not some crap that i had prepared....
I did wat i wanted to... and as with ma prev presentation( read the ibf one) this also went well... and left me wondering... is this wat am destined to do for the rest of ma life? is it the Lecture theatres where i would be spendin ma life? a place that i dont lik visitin as a student...does it beckon me... i don't know wat future has in store for me... but dont be surprised if some fine day ur children may jus come across professor....

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I guess this is the first post I have ever made at this hour of the day...[:P]
With the time commitments that i have now, it has become incrasingly difficult for me to keep continuing one of ma hobbies...nd that is writin...Its at such a point of time that these great individuals have come to ma rescue, whose works have kept me awake entire nights, either mulling over them, or laughing my head of and in some cases even wondering what that was supposed to mean!!!
This is a tribute to all such individuals... The most common ones, whose works i do check out regualrly....
Budhau aka Sid aka Lanky.... as always his writings have a refreshing aura around them. Make for a lovely reading and most often then not force me to think...and yeah how can i forget this... the bugger has been using ma pics on his blog for ages all innocent annd unsuspecting gals out ther...beware Sid kaka is gettin samrt[:P]
Prabhu... the ooo.. the one... hmmm no offence dude but most of ur posts leave me befuddled and perplexed.... a vocab so intense that it sounds rigid and takes da fun out of readin... sry mate...but jus being honest over here :)
akash aka chadda... his is a blog not of writings but pf pics... still dnt understand y the bugger didnt use flickr[:P] but quite good... its nice to look at those pics and remember the fun that we people hav had... nd ya u also realise that Saru somehow gets into 99.9% of pics....[:D]
Chandni... this has been a recent addition to ma reading list... thnks to a lng list of blogs on Budhau's blog... refreshing is the word that i wud use for her writings... unexpected maybe... maybe its coz i dnt know her style too well that am surprised by the variations of her writin...

guess dats enuf for today... hav to go and attend ramu's tut... bloody bugger... am sure will ask me y i left the room midway last time :S
nd ya guys... dnt feel bad if i hurt ur feelings... they r jus ma thgts...nd u hav da full right to disagree wid

Friday, April 06, 2007

Small Things Matter!!!

Hmmm... we all have heard cliched phrases like keep smiling always you never know when somebody is falling for it... ordinarily I am not the kinda person who would beilieve in such statements... however over the past few days something fundamental has changed.... what it is will surely let you know in a litlle while... i just want to be sure that whatever it is, it is for real.

Oh i guess I have deviated enough from the topic... the simple conclusion being... pay attention to the small things... they do matter!!!
keep smiling :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Do Da Diu

It all started with a phone call a couple of weeks back. I was sitting in my room, orkutting and listening to some crap blaring out of my pc, when my phone started ringing. The screen showed ‘Sid calling’. Well as is the tradition he wouldn’t ever call me…it was a missed call. I called him back and the first statement he uttered was that lets go to Diu in the Holi holidays. And I, the eternal wanderer was more than happy to agree.

The next few days were lost amidst assignments, tuts, labs and even more assignments. Finally the D-day arrived. The six of us were ready to embark upon our journey. Chintu, Goru, Mio and Golu along with Sid and I rounded up the team.

We left the campus at about 8:45 pm and our train was to depart exactly an hour after. The adventures began as soon as the driver decided to take a left from Gh-0 instead of a right. We managed to catch our train, but not before a few nerve racking moments on an unknown route through Adalaj and Sabarmati, and yeah how can I forget the sprint across the platform.

We reached Werawal the next day at about 6:30 am and after freshening up left for Somnath. I guess a detour is needed over here. Somehow amongst all our packing and preparing for the trip (which actually was not more than 2 hours for me) we had arrived without a camera! Now how can we enjoy our journey and not have any proof of it? A camera was needed and that too urgently! We decided to rent one and started looking around. A photographer agreed to lend us a Kodak. We thought about the cost of the developing the rolls for a minute, but hell we needed the damn thing! We told that guy that we’ll have our breakfast and get back to him. This is when Providence intervened. After breakfast as we searched for that photographer, we ran into this guy, or rather an angel. He had a digicam, was ready to lend it, and that too without any deposit!!! Now that’s what you call luck fellas. :)

The Somanath leg of the trip was over without anything interesting apart from a couple of hours of kickass fun on the beach. Now it was the time for the real fun to begin…Diu beckoned us, and we were more than happy to oblige. We managed to find a great hotel; cheap and very close to the beach, in short a perfect solution to all our needs. The fun began soon after. We decided to take our lunch at the road side stalls that were lined along the beach. Now is there anything funny in that? Nope you would say. But it was funny…Mio a vegetarian to the core had trouble finding a place that offered vegetarian food!!! After a couple of inquiries and a trip to the Tourism Information Bureau, the poor soul finally managed to find a restaurant that could satisfy his appetite.

Once all had topped up their tanks, it was time for some fun. The Sun was bout to set and after hitting a couple of churches, it was time for some real fun. We headed towards the INS Kukri memorial and the sunset point. It was here that we spent some of the most memorable moments of our trip. Be it walking on a rocky path into the sea, with the tide rising and water rushing over your feet or the tom foolery on the nearly vacant beach or the ‘trek in the dark’. It was during this trek that I slipped on the mossy rocks and ended up with a soar knee for the rest of the trip and Lanky clicked arguably the best pic of the entire trip.

We returned to our hotel( I guess I need to find some other word for it, calling that place a hotel doesn’t do justice to the benefits that it offered us :P) at about 9 in the night and after freshening up left for dinner. We again hit those stalls and this time luckily for Mio there was a Pao Bhaji stall so that he didn’t have to wander in search of something ‘edible’.

Hmmm now that the dinner was over, it was time for some more fun. Coming from a dry (or rather not so dry ;)) state it was time to satisfy our thirst. We grabbed some vodka and it was time to hit the beach. Yeah people trust me, there’s nothing better to drink on a beach under a moonlit sky with the water gently lapping up your feet. And well with a number of first timers, it was even better. Accompanying the drinks were stories of all sorts; love, lust, hatred, disappointment, anxiety, expectations; the emotions flowed as freely as the vodka.

By God’s grace (or rather lack of alcohol) we were not drunk that night, and it indeed saved us. For as we were returning to our hotel (somewhere around midnight) we ran into a couple of policemen. It just scares the hell out of me to think what would have happened had we been drunk at that time. But the brief encounter did tell me one thing, those guys lacked all manners and talking in a polite manner was as alien to their nature as smoking is to mine.

The 2nd day dawned and in spite of all our plans to start early it was not before 10:30 that we could leave our hotel. If the first day was good, the 2nd was even better. We started with the Diu Fort and well I don’t have words to describe how majestic it was. Even after having seen a fair share of forts, this one managed to surprise me. And it was one pleasant surprise. The aura of invincibility that must have been associated it with this master piece in it’s hey days was still evident even after centuries of its construction.

We spent about 3 hours exploring the fort and after a few refreshments left for the Nagoa beach. On the way to the beach we stopped at Gangeshwar and the Sea Shell Museum, another wonder of its own kind. We reached the Nagoa beach at about 4: 30 pm and took our lunch. What followed lunch, can be best described as 3 hours of pure fun. No amount of time spent in a swimming pool gives you the feeling that a couple of hours in the lap of an open sea gives you. It was simply too good. From Nagoa we left for the Goghola beach. And believe me the experience at Nagoa had prepared me for this. If Nagoa was exuberant, Goghola was calm; if Nagoa was all about fun, Goghola was about peace; if Nagoa was a place to be adventurous and outgoing, Goghola was for those one on one conversations wherein words are not necessary to convey one’s feelings.

We went in for dinner after spending nearly an hour and a half at Goghola and for a change we all decided to visit’s Mio’s pao bahji vala. Dinner and dessert was done. The time for another beach blast had come. This time round we decided upon breezers and fenny (yeah that blissful delight from Goa). The amount of alcohol was much more than the previous day, and it was inevitable that we would get sloshed. Goru and Golu abstained from the bash, the former didn’t feel like drinking and the latter, well he didn’t like fenny and it was more of sprite that he drank :P.

Chintu, Mio and Sid were soon sloshed and we all started having fun at the beach. Be it throwing the bottles as far in the sea and then retrieving them as the waves brought them back, or trying to throw Chintu into the water, or chase Golu all over the beach; we did it all. And yeah how can I forget this, once sloshed the tongues began rolling and what followed was an account of love, of lust; accusations and apologies; confessions and concessions, admissions and assertions; revelations and proclamations. All in all as the clock ticked by, we came to know each other better, we looked at the sides of our friends’ personalities that we hadn’t known existed.

And well if you guys think it was all fun, nope it wasn’t. For the non-drinkers Goru and Golu and I ( I seriously don’t know why I didn’t get sloshed :P) it was one hell of a task to get the other three back to the hotel. What with Chintu adamant on enjoying the best moment of his life, and Sid just content in throwing sand on other people while getting washed over with waves with a silly smile pasted on his face. And oh how did I forget this, Mio who just wanted to roll and enjoy in the waves and Chintu, well he was the most trouble some of all. He somehow thought that if he had the ability to speak, he should go on blabbing continuously. He lectured us all on all topics ranging from certain courses, to Indian Geography to his love (or rather his lust) aspirations.

The night was moving on and with each passing moment my worries were also increasing. Not only was the tide rising, the memory of last day’s encounter with the police was still fresh in my mind. Frustrated with Chintu’s constant ranting I lost my temper and bang! Chintu experienced a classic slap. But lo behold he was so drunk that it stopped his ranting only for a couple of seconds.

We somehow managed to get Chintu, Mio and Sid back to the hotel but if you think that the night was over; think again. Chintu was still blabbing away and this pissed off Lanky and he decided to sleep on the floor, outside the rooms. It took all my persuading skills to get him up and move into the other room. In the meanwhile Mio decided that we weren’t having enough fun. So he decided that he’ll add another twist to the story by puking his guts out. Goru and I had just finished getting Mio to bed after he had puked a couple of times that Sid decided that he too wanted to join the party.

After getting these two settled back in bed, Goru and I were left with the daunting task of listening to Chintu. Blissfully the fenny finally caught up with me and I fell asleep. However the night wasn’t yet over for Goru as about an hour later Chintu decided that he too would like to puke. Kudos to Goru that he not only handled Chintu alone but also cleaned up the mess that the bathrooms were. And yeah if you are wondering where Golu was during all this; well he was rotating between Goru and I, continuously saying, ‘Do something’.

After an eventful night, it was time to head for the last phase of our journey, Gir. We were hoping that if only we get a glimpse of the King of the jungle, it would be just the proper ending for our trip. And well what happened was beyond our expectations. We boarded the bus praying to spot the majestic beast. And when we returned we had seen not one, not two but six of these royal beings. All lying peacefully, aware of our presence but not worried, as if secure in the knowledge that it was their domain. As we were busy clicking away snaps, one of the lionesses obliged us and started posing for the pics( I guess the tendency of the females to look good and pose transcends across species :P)

As we returned to Werawal, I reflected upon the happenings of the last two days. And what I felt was that this was a trip of many firsts. It was our first trip after coming in college, it was our first visit to Diu, many of us drank for the first time, and we saw ions outside the zoo for the first time. But apart from all it was the first time that we really got to know each other. We talked and laughed, threw tantrums and got drubbed for it, partied like beasts and ate like animals. But most importantly, we had fun!

Till next time…

Monday, February 12, 2007

Can't Think of Any!

How do u feel when u r pissed off? well thats how am feeling right now!!! Don't ask me why; for I can't tell u... and i have a gut feeling am gonna feel like this a lotta times in the coming few months...well I hop to God am wrong...coz frankly speaking it aint a good feeling...when u r frustrated, but u can't tell anybody; when u want to do something and some mere mortals come up with the most unexpected excuses n me u wont like being in this position...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I have to study... should study... rather must study.... but don't feel like it!
any suggestion??? c'mon ppl... someone out there must have felt like me...
Oh God why do exams exist! and if they do why are the subjects so mundane....

Monday, February 05, 2007


Hmmm i don't know how to put it... but ever since NATCONG 07, something has changed... I am not able to pinpoint it but something is definitely not the same... I don't feel that comfortable sitting and doing nothing... the college activities seem even more mundane than they used to be... i want to be constantly subjected to challenging environment, an environment which tests me and my capabilities... there's a void... a void which I somehow do not know how to fill...i guess that's it... I am not sure as to what i want to say more...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NATCONG 07 Kodaikanal

Ohk... so the days of brainstorming, the nights of partying have finally come to an end. Well trust me it was one helluva of an experience. Imagine... your sirst national conference and on the first day you get to elect the new MCP!!!
The experience was totally different from what i had expected; the MC were also humans, easily approachable, friendly; high fliers from Jaipur were as easy to talk with and the enthusiasm of the new kids of kochi n indore was mind blowing!
Now its all over; the sexy kodai weather, the tasty kodi chocolates, that lovely rxperience of boating on the lake in semi darkness, the uncomparable experience of driving down the hill, with the clouds beneath us, its all over, but not for ever.
Such experiences will come, if not kodaikanal it would be some other place... but it will surely come back! and how can i forget the impact that it has on my personal life! not only it increased my social circle tremendously i made some really close friends in this week. the care that we showed for each other when one of us was sick, really makes my eyes go wet now...
i can go on and on like this... but i guess its time to stop and savour those sweet and bitter memories...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Delhi Trip!!!

hmm well da trip's been over 4 quite a while now but surely it has left a mark on ma life...not only in the things it taught me; but also wid respect to the frnds i made over there!!! long live r frndship!!!