Friday, June 13, 2008

Big Bashing

Big B has a blog... and he's using it to bash any and everyone... so lets jus tak a leaf outta his book and bash someone! :satan:

a.) The Common Cold virus: the bloody bugger... one of the worst of its kind... why do i have to fall ill everytime i'm home? :S and yeah... u guys guessed it right... its the frustration of dragging a mop everywhere that has led to this bashing.

b.) The Union Govt. : Hmmm... now this is more serious stuff... read recently in the papers that afzal ( the mastermind behind the parliament attack) wants Advani to be the P.M. so that he gets executed and be done with it. This brings us to the question as to why it hasn't happened till now?

Ans: The Union Govt. is appeasing a particular community by procrastinating the execution... Does this mean that the Union Govt. identify that particular community with terrorism? your guess is as good as mine...

Its really a shame that the fellow hasn't been executed yet. And I don't say this because I feel pity towards him. Think of those who lost their loved ones saving the asses of our politicians. the govt. has disrespected and dishonored their memory. Perhaps its would have been better had one of the politicians been hit in the attack. Then they would have realized what it feels like. Wonder how Congress would have reacted had one of their cherished members of the Gandhi clan been injured, or God forbid died in the attack. Would they still have been dilly-dallying? I don't quite think so...