Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mixed Bag

Hmmm.. its nearly four in the morning. I should be asleep, have a presentation in the morning. But I just cant go to sleep, no, not yet. In what has become almost a ritual, i spend hours on the blogosphere, reading, commenting, reading some more and yeah a bit of writing...

I felt something about quite a few things in the past 24 hours or so. This is going to be a mixed bag of sorts. A few lines of this, a few of that....


Joined a group on FB. Something to do with bringing about social change in the wake of the recent attacks. A good initiative. But I have my doubts as to how successful it would be. Anyways, I hope that I am wrong...


Sid and I had an account running that stretched back to our second year. Finally its settled today.. :D

The wait is finally over.. yeyeyye.. ;P


The past couple of days, my mood threatened to go off again.. again the issues involved were similar. Not even similar, they were the same. I wonder when some people would learn and start to give life it's due...

Live it up folks, you just get one shot at it!!


My blog has had an influx of new readers over the last 24 hours... :)

All those who have been reading my ramblings, thank you for your patience and persevearance.. :)

And the ones who have just started.. Welcome.. :)


Am loaded!! and loaded bole toh seriously loaded... after a loooonnngg time.. :D

Feels so good... :biggrin:


Had a great dinner... more than the food it was the atmosphere. The not so quiet and frank talks. Almost rivalled the fun that I had a couple of days back. Didn't write about it.. but hey.. doesn't 60 pics on one's FB account say something .. ;P

At least one of my dinner companions is bound to read this.. lets keep these dinners rolling.. :)


It's finally over in Mumbai. I mourn those who lost their lives in this mindless carnage. But more than that, my heart goes out to those who lost a loved one in these attacks. Death is a one time tyrant, but agony and grief are lifelong plagues... :(

Our armed forces did a commendable job in Mumbai...

I salute the Heroes in Uniform..


I salute the spirit of the Maximum City... Salaam Bombay!!!


Saturday, November 29, 2008


Had my first hot water bath of the winters yesterday morning... :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yet Again

They strike again
We bleed again
How long is this gonna last, I wonder
The answer comes,
A scary thought I dread to voice
Until we learn to value human life...

Muted spectators,
That's what we have become
What can we do
Is all we ask
We shrug and move on
That's all we do
But oh, there's a lot more we can do
If only we believe, that
Yes, we can!

Resilience, often mentioned
Would be needed again,
For Bombay bleeds
It's time to grieve
But not to kneel

Sunday, November 23, 2008

And here she comes...

Had been observing this phenomenon on the blogosphere for quite a while and was wondering as to when the bug would find its way to my immediate neighbourhood in the blogosphere. Well, didn't have to wait for too long. For the bug has arrived or shall we say, the butterfly has arrived!

The Butterfly Award :)

It's a special one, for it happens to be my first since school, and also, my first in the virtual world...

Thank you Prabhu for the same...

And before i pass upon the baton, here are a few rules...

  • Put the award on your blog.
  • Add a link to the person who presented it to you.
  • Pass on the award to those you think deserve it.
  • And most importantly, keep the words flowing...
Assuming, I can still pass it on to those who have already been visited by the butterfly, I send the butterfly to..

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Something's wrong with me

I don't know what, but something is

Definitely wrong with me

I no longer care for anything

Nothing bothers me anymore

It's not as if I stopped caring,

For I never cared anyway

I sometimes wonder what have I become

It wasn't supposed to be like this

And now I sit and think

Of what I want to be

And the answer scares me

This change, whatever it is

Is freaking me out

I no longer find any comfort,

Nor solace in my solitude

Am floating away

But not going anywhere

Unknown to all,

Am floating away

All I wanted was to live

Not anymore, Now

I wish to escape

I wish to die

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Date with Destiny

Most of you who take the pain to go through the random assortment of my musings already know this story. But then I had told someone that I will write it. And here it is, for that person, and of course for the sake of the writer in me :). It's a coincidence of sorts that I am writing this a day after I have received an interesting offer from the same set of people; a day before an exam which till some time ago was of the most concern to me. However it all changed that day, for that day was nothing less than a date with destiny.

It was the 4th of October 2008. Deloitte had come to our campus to recruit. It was the first time that they had come and I was quite keen on working with them. Finally here was the kind of a company that i really wanted to join. So they started the placement process with the usual presentation about the company and that was followed by a written test. The test was quite easy and I was confident of clearing it. I did.

We were then divided into groups and given a case study. It was a unique experience for all of us as none of us had ever done that sort of thing before. After the case study, there was a presentation. On the basis of the case study and our presentation, they shortlisted 27 people. My name wasn't there. And I was feeling pretty bad about it. The case study had gone well and the presentation, though not perfect, had been above average.

I came back to my room, pretty disappointed at blowing this fabulous opportunity. I still couldn't believe that I hadn't made it. Anyways Gol suggested that since we were free for the day we might as well head to Ahmedabad. Those were the days of Durga Puja and I had been looking for an opportunity to attend one and so I said yes to him. After the usual delays, courtesy Sobu et all, we were finally ready to leave. Just then Khyati called and asked us to wait for her. I just couldn't believe it. It was already past 5, and we hadn't even started our journey. As we were waiting for Khyati to get ready ( now all those who know her, or for that matter know any female, know how long that wait is ;P) G suggested that we go to the Club House to watch the Ramleela practice. Having nothing better to do, I said fine and so we both headed to the Club House.

While I was there I got a call from Mundra saying that come fast you have an interview right now. I told him to shove it as I was in no mood to joke. And he was like mazaak nahi kar raha, seriously hai. Well, I raced back to my room, changed back into formals and rushed to the CEP, that is the place where the interviews were being held. All this in two minutes! ( and people say I'm lazy!! lolz ;P )

Chadda was there with my resume and I handed the same to the HR lady. Fine so I gave my interview. By now it was too late to go for the Puja, so we all just decided to head to Sanjha Chulha for dinner. It was while I was waiting at GH0 for some conveyance that i recevied a call from Saru saying that I had made it!! :D

Now that we know the story, let's move to the most interesting part of all. How did I get that phone call... I don't even know if i actually remember what i was told about it. I was so outta this world. Anyways I guess it was something along these lines..

One of the guys from Deloitte was talking to Mundra after his interview, asking for his feedback on the process and all. He said that all was fine except for the fact that some of the guys who should have made it, didn't. Mine was among the few names he took. Fortunately for me, the guy was the same one who had observed my case study and my name must have struck some chord ( another benefit of having a unique name ;) )Well so he goes inside the room where all the Deloitte people were and a couple of minutes later their HR lady comes out and said that there had been an error on their part, somehow my name had been omitted while copying the list of names from one page to the other. She asked our placement officer if it was possible to contact me. That's when Mundra called!!

I have always believed in luck. What happened that evening simply reinforced my belief in Destiny. If not for the delays caused by Sobu and others we would have left for the Durga Puja a long time back. Had it not been for Khayti's call, I wouldn't have been in campus after 5. Had it been anyone else, other than the guy who had observed me during the case study, talking to Mundra, I probably wouldn't have made it. It was as if the entire Universe conspired to make sure that what was destined happened. It was like the various pieces of the jigsaw fitting in just the perfect fashion. I do believe that to an extent you can shape your own life, but then there's Fate!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Living Randomness

I don't know where to begin this one. There is so much that can be said so much that can be written, and to compound the problem even further am not sure what I want to write. Synapse, if ever I would be asked to name an event that would define my four years in this institute, it would undoubtedly be Synapse.

Ohk, for the uninitiated, Synapse is the annual techno-cultural megafest of DA-IICT. Synapse 08 was a 3 day affair and took place from 29th February to 2nd March 2008. There were a lot of things that separated this edition of Synapse from the previous ones. After the financial fiasco in '06, Synapse 2008 built upon the platform established by the previous edition. The budget for the festival almost doubled to breach the 10L barrier. However more than anything, it was the introduction of events like Inc. and Rekriti, and Agnee's live in concert that made Synapse 08 special for me. While Inc. and Rekriti added a whole new dimension to Synapse, Agnee marked the return of celebrity quotient to Synapse.

The journey that culminated in the 3 day extravaganza started way back in March of the previous year. We had just witnessed a successful annual festival and people were keen to build upon the platform. The enthusiasm was particularly high among my batchmates as next year, the onus was going to be on us to deliver a memorable festival. It was in such times that I was approached to contest the election. The situation was so similar to my first year in college. Then too, I had been asked to throw my hat in the ring, and at that time having volunteered for Synapse 06, I was very keen to do so. However I lost, owing to a sad truth I came to realize then; college elections do not ensure that the best person for the job gets the job. A subsequent rejection as an event coordinator, in favour of a more connected team, ensured that I detached myself from Synapse 07 completely. It was a successful event and I had nothing to contribute to it, apart from as a member of the audience. And thus when I was asked again to file in my nomination I wasn't that keen. An year had passed. And I had gained enough experience of my own to know that I could contribute significantly to Synapse. However I wasn't sure that I wanted to do this. The desire to contribute was there, but the motivation to put myself through another election process was not. Anyways, I did throw my hat in and got through after a close battle. Thereafter there was no reluctance, no doubts; only passion and commitment.

Soon it was August, the beginning of my 5th semester. As is the norm, the month of April and the summer vacations had passed without nay significant progress. However now it was time to start dreaming about what we wanted for Synapse 08. Some pointers emerged after the initial discussions. There was a need to rope in at least one celebrity artist and to add a business leg to Synapse. Today am very happy that both of these were successfully achieved. Another thing which, in hindsight, makes me proud of working of our Committee was the transparent selection of the event coordinators. I guess it had much to do with my personal experience last year.

The theme for Synapse 08 was Living Randomness. It was a conscious decision to move away from a serious sounding 3 word theme of the previous edition. Agreed that an annual festival is an expression of the potential of the students of an institute, but more than that, its about fun. The theme was chosen to represent the inherent randomness in our lives.

No matter how good the planning be, if there aren't any people to implement and execute those plans all your planning amounts to zilch. I was blessed that I got to work with some real good people during the run up to Synapse. In no particular order, let me list a few of them. Hmm lets see, there was Chito, responsible for keeping Re-Kriti on track. He was reluctant to be a part of the organising team, but finally my persuasive powers proved to be too much for him :satan: . But seriously, his presence ensured that I was free from the burden of looking into Re-Kriti. Then there was Sai Gopal, briliant designer. All credit to him for an awesome sponsorship brochure. Vasu, for managing the website and looking after other technical stuff of which, frankly, I have no knowledge. Appy, for the liveliness she brought to Synapse through Synapcity. I still remember how we used to plead with Mundra to let us gorge at McD or at Dominos on those innumerable trips to Ahmedabad ;P.

All that Synapse 08 was, the standards it set, the benchmarks it bettered, wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated team that I had the privilege of leading. Saurabh, a calm young man. He rarely ever raised his voice and always put forth his views in a composed manner. Excellent at executing tasks assigned to him. Sandy, a lazy man with potential. Was instrumental in securing sponsorship from the Govt. companies but had to be pushed and prodded a lot. Ankit, hmm, he could aptly be named as the lieutenant of our organization. Single handedly managed logistics and all the ground work during Synapse. He is around this time too, hoping quite a bit from him. Bharat, ahha, the enthu cutlet of our team. He achieved a hell lot of things during Synapse by the sheer magnitude of the effort he put in. We had our disagreements, but on the whole a great guy to work with. Finally only one guy remains. The person with whom I worked the most. Mundra. Indeed the story of Synapse could be told as a string of episodes comprising of our visits to Ahmedabad.

Synapse meant a lot of things. It meant staying back in college in the month to figure out sponsorship deals, it meant 10 o' clock appointments with our then placement officer, Col. Kanetkar. Indeed he played an important role in establishing initial contact with the various IT firms and helped us save a hell lot of money on telephone calls! Synapse meant innumerable visits to Ahmedabad, it meant a desktop littered with word docs and excel files dealing with something or the other related to Synapse, it meant hour long sessions with our faculty counselors that drained more energy out of me than any number of calls to prospective sponsors. The only thing that made it possible for me to make it through those was that at the end of those, more often than not, we used to get what we wanted.

I don’t remember much of those three days. However there are a few incidents that would forever remain etched in my memory. It was a few days before Synapse. In house prelims were being held in the Club House and I too was there looking over things. That's when I got the call that a couple of sponsorship deals had come through. It was a moment that I had been dreaming of for quite a while, for with those deals, my dream of breaching the 10L sponsorship mark had been realized. We had succeeded in raising bloody f***in 10 lakhs!!

Another was the day before Synapse kicked off. I had gone to the Director's office to invite him to kick start Synapse. That's when I came to know, that someone had completely ignored my instructions and a few things were horribly wrong. I still remember the moment when the Director said, 'Give me one reason why I shouldn't call of your festival?'

The next one came on the morning of the 29th. I was sleeping at the Synapse room, as we had somehow managed to misplace the keys. It was 8ish in the morning, and having just woken up, I had decided to head back to my room to get ready. That's when I saw the jeeps coming in with the participants. Synapse had begun!

Those 3 days passed in a blur. I have no recollections of the details though certain things remain unchanged. Everyday I slept at the Synapse room, somehow it felt more comfortable despite the chill and lack of a proper bed. Everyday I slept after 4 and was awake by 8 in the morning. Those four hours charged not only my body but also my cell phone. I used to start my day with a fully charged mobile and by the afternoon I was reduced to carrying my phone in one pocket and the charger in the other.

For several months Synapse came to define the purpose of my existence and it was but natural when I felt at sea when it was all over. I was exhausted. I had achieved what I had set out to achieve. There was nothing more to do. But somehow there was this desire within me, to live those days again. I had come to like the pressure, the tension that comes with it.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Synapse. My life has changed a lot from those days, but the memories remain. And its these memories that shall define what Synapse was all about. I still remember the trips that Mundra and I undertook in December, his wake up calls once he had met with Col. Kanetkar. I remember us hanging on to a jeep for dear life, those burgers at McD, those exhausting walks up and down Ashram Road. I remember the innumerable phone calls, the days when I could have talked to sponsors half asleep. I remember the drink that I had with the guys from Agnee the night they had arrived, and the ones post their concert. Synapse brought a lot of people in my life, some are still here, some have moved on and some will still be around in the future. It's the latter that matter. People come and go, events take place, things change but the memories linger…