Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NATCONG 07 Kodaikanal

Ohk... so the days of brainstorming, the nights of partying have finally come to an end. Well trust me it was one helluva of an experience. Imagine... your sirst national conference and on the first day you get to elect the new MCP!!!
The experience was totally different from what i had expected; the MC were also humans, easily approachable, friendly; high fliers from Jaipur were as easy to talk with and the enthusiasm of the new kids of kochi n indore was mind blowing!
Now its all over; the sexy kodai weather, the tasty kodi chocolates, that lovely rxperience of boating on the lake in semi darkness, the uncomparable experience of driving down the hill, with the clouds beneath us, its all over, but not for ever.
Such experiences will come, if not kodaikanal it would be some other place... but it will surely come back! and how can i forget the impact that it has on my personal life! not only it increased my social circle tremendously i made some really close friends in this week. the care that we showed for each other when one of us was sick, really makes my eyes go wet now...
i can go on and on like this... but i guess its time to stop and savour those sweet and bitter memories...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Delhi Trip!!!

hmm well da trip's been over 4 quite a while now but surely it has left a mark on ma life...not only in the things it taught me; but also wid respect to the frnds i made over there!!! long live r frndship!!!