Monday, April 23, 2007


As the clock ticks away, indicatin the passage of time, the approaching dawn, i try and recollect what all happeed to me today... not much in the sens that after giving ma STS presenttaion, i came back nd tokd over an hour on phone and then slept like a log... wait a second... lets rewind to the STS presenmtation... till last night i wasnt sure if i would be able to do it... till early morning i had decided i would be firmly standing behind the podium and read... but.... as i climbed up dat dais... something happened... somethin fundamental changed in me... and it was lik... damn everything... this place belongs to me... i am gonna move around and not be rooted behind the podium.. i'll speak wateva comes to my mind and not some crap that i had prepared....
I did wat i wanted to... and as with ma prev presentation( read the ibf one) this also went well... and left me wondering... is this wat am destined to do for the rest of ma life? is it the Lecture theatres where i would be spendin ma life? a place that i dont lik visitin as a student...does it beckon me... i don't know wat future has in store for me... but dont be surprised if some fine day ur children may jus come across professor....

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I guess this is the first post I have ever made at this hour of the day...[:P]
With the time commitments that i have now, it has become incrasingly difficult for me to keep continuing one of ma hobbies...nd that is writin...Its at such a point of time that these great individuals have come to ma rescue, whose works have kept me awake entire nights, either mulling over them, or laughing my head of and in some cases even wondering what that was supposed to mean!!!
This is a tribute to all such individuals... The most common ones, whose works i do check out regualrly....
Budhau aka Sid aka Lanky.... as always his writings have a refreshing aura around them. Make for a lovely reading and most often then not force me to think...and yeah how can i forget this... the bugger has been using ma pics on his blog for ages all innocent annd unsuspecting gals out ther...beware Sid kaka is gettin samrt[:P]
Prabhu... the ooo.. the one... hmmm no offence dude but most of ur posts leave me befuddled and perplexed.... a vocab so intense that it sounds rigid and takes da fun out of readin... sry mate...but jus being honest over here :)
akash aka chadda... his is a blog not of writings but pf pics... still dnt understand y the bugger didnt use flickr[:P] but quite good... its nice to look at those pics and remember the fun that we people hav had... nd ya u also realise that Saru somehow gets into 99.9% of pics....[:D]
Chandni... this has been a recent addition to ma reading list... thnks to a lng list of blogs on Budhau's blog... refreshing is the word that i wud use for her writings... unexpected maybe... maybe its coz i dnt know her style too well that am surprised by the variations of her writin...

guess dats enuf for today... hav to go and attend ramu's tut... bloody bugger... am sure will ask me y i left the room midway last time :S
nd ya guys... dnt feel bad if i hurt ur feelings... they r jus ma thgts...nd u hav da full right to disagree wid

Friday, April 06, 2007

Small Things Matter!!!

Hmmm... we all have heard cliched phrases like keep smiling always you never know when somebody is falling for it... ordinarily I am not the kinda person who would beilieve in such statements... however over the past few days something fundamental has changed.... what it is will surely let you know in a litlle while... i just want to be sure that whatever it is, it is for real.

Oh i guess I have deviated enough from the topic... the simple conclusion being... pay attention to the small things... they do matter!!!
keep smiling :)