Monday, August 27, 2007

Random thoughts

Hola people!!! Well this one is a special one... for one i am posting when the sun still's out there, or rather not there.... well the weather is what one would call the quintessential monsson weather... its been more than 2 hours since its been raining and the Rain God hasn't eased on the pedal in the entire duration...

All my wing mates... members of our thalua gang have gone for labs... labs... how can one think of them in such a weather man... thats totally against the spirit of...spirit of... spirit of everything dammit :D.....

Well nothing much happening except the open structure of our hostel taking a nice bath... the common area at the junction of the wings in first floor is already flooded... and well i am looking at the prospect of having to remove water from my room if this doesnt stop soon... but then there's another part of me... who just wants the rain to go on and on... i guess spending your entire life in Rajasthan can do that to you....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Apna Budhau Kaka

its quite late... 2:52 am to be exact. I have got a lecture in the morning... yeah a lecture on a damn saturday..... and i as usual have just returned form an interesting session of bak... yup... bak, bakar... the quintessential time pass of all teenagers.

Chalo now lets come to the point... our very own... Budhau kaka... which as is the norm, was the subject of our bak :D

As we discussed Sid, and hiz laziness in great and amusing detail, i thought why not share some of it over here. And so here i am writing this post... which am sure would again not qualify as a blog post in Balu's eyes ;)

Ever since he has returned from his internship he seems to have aged more. Aj to had hi ho gayi... Sid actually sent Saru and me to get him a pack of biscuits from Daddu's... and why? coz dear Sid kaka was too tired to put on a t-shirt over his vest :P I guess this comment pretty much sums it all "Nowadays Sid is too tired even to talk."

So people come lets celebrate LaZiNesS...

Friday, August 17, 2007


Well thats wat i hear everywhere i go, whoever i meet or interact with... so here goes the answer:

  • It's raining! (as if there's anything new to it :S)
  • I have started attending lectures.
  • I have quit AIESEC.
  • I am the Convenor for Synapse 2008.
  • I have a few silver strands decorating the black mess on top of my head (already!)
  • I have lost interst in Orkut.
  • Sid aka kaka aka Budhau is orkutting even more vigorously than ever beofre.
  • Sid ki naukri lag gayi! (Matt ke yahan :P)
Baki kuch yaad aya to will post again... till then... waaaassssssssssuuuuppppp?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Is this me???

Up at 8 in the morning and wats happening to me :O