Friday, April 12, 2013

What do I Desire?

I haven't written anything in a long time; at least not anything worth mentioning. After all, over the last couple of years, my written communication has almost exclusively been limited to emails, design documents and performance reviews. Mundane stuff; but stuff that pays the bills.

And then, after an unusually bad day at office, I came across this video. It really is a must-watch. Some claim that it'll forever change your life. While I tend to be a bit pessimistic about such claims, it did get me to write this.

How simple life would have been had we not thought about money and just followed our hearts' desires? Now, while I do end up thinking of such things off and on - particularly after days when I question the meaning and purpose of it all, deep within, I know that it's highly unlikely that I'll ever give all this up and just leave. Travelling around the world, reading, volunteering, meeting new folks sounds romantic but unfortunately it still doesn't pay for health insurance.

I sometimes wonder of what will be the trigger that will finally allow me to leave; or in an interesting turn of events force me to leave! There's a part of me that's scared of that scenario and but  there's another small part that yearns for it. Till they fight it out, I'm happy with what I can get -  writing this piece after all that time, does feel good!

To all those who end up reading this, if you take the plunge, do let me know! Who knows, maybe that's the trigger that'll do the trick!


Mayank Bhagya said...

Dude! You don't have to give up everything and leave to start...

Remember school? There are 9 hectic months but 3 months of vacations!

I think one must not hesitate to take unpaid leaves too! And I'm sure you can arrange for your health-insurance in just six months of work! :P

Anyway, jokes apart. If it's just a small part inside you that yearns for the 'real fun', it might settle for a couple of weeks! ;)

But don't leave this fight unresolved!

Marvin said...

You have written 'did got'. Since when did your grammar get so atrocious? From what I know about you (also, if your profile picture is any hint), I would suggest you don't 'take the plunge'. It is romantic, but it is wrong to assume everyone is meant for romance. And since I don't believe in absolute rights or wrongs, I don't think one way of life is any better than the other. Live the good life. You don't get second chances at it.

Random Guy said...

@ Marvin, thanks for pointing that out - guess, the lack of writing, does show up in one way or the other. What you have said, reminds me of some of the conversations we had all those years ago. Ah well, one can't have everything. You win some, you lose some.

Marvin said...

Glad to help. It might sound pessimistic, and perhaps it is, but each one of us finds some or the other reason that threatens to take the punch out of life. On most occasions, these reasons do succeed. Even the best and the most successful of our kind have been down under. More often than not. That is our design. The only way to survive is to suffer in dignity. That, I suppose, grants semblance of meaning to what I find inherently meaningless.

newbie................. said...

:) Loved it. Be happy said...

Nice post, thank you for sharing !

Anonymous said...

There's a saying. God helps those who helps themselves. I know you may not need to help yourself but you sound kinda dull you know. I don't wanna sound rude or bad but I think you should rethink and be more of a doer than you normally are. Maybe try sky diving :)

anvita said...

I took the plunge... and now.. i am at peace.. i am happy... it wasn't easy, took every ounce of courage i had, but it was worth everything i gave up...

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